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Warranty Terms

Warranty Liabilities

All warranty provisions must operate within the limits of consumer protection laws and are subject to the laws of Ukraine.

Equipment maintenance is not included in the list of works performed under warranty.

The company reserves the right to refuse warranty repairs in the event of non-compliance with the below warranty conditions.


Warranty Conditions

1. The warranty is valid upon the availability of a duly filled-in warranty certificate containing the full name of the model, serial number of the product, date of sale, warranty period, clear seals of the vendor, as well as full information about the company responsible for installing the equipment, including the name of the specialist responsible for the installation works, a filled-in start-up protocol, and a ready for commissioning certificate.

2. Before using the equipment, please peruse the operation manual.

3. The warranty is valid providing that maintenance service is carried out by authorized organizations. Maintenance service is regulated by a separate contract. The warranty does not apply in case the scheduled maintenance of equipment wasn’t carried out on time (or at all).

4. The warranty does not cover consumables (filters, batteries, oil, belts, etc.).

5.The warranty does not apply if the factory marking or serial number is damaged, illegible, has traces of re-gluing or is missing from the equipment.

6. The warranty does not apply if the transport and storage regulations have been violated.

7.The warranty does not apply if the equipment has been used for any purpose other than it is intended.

8. The warranty does not apply if the equipment design has undergone any changes or modifications, or if parts, components, software, consumables, cleaning materials not provided for by regulatory documents have been used.

9. The warranty does not apply if the equipment has been damaged by the consumer or a third party.

10. The warranty does not apply if the equipment has been installed by persons or organizations that do not have a license and other permits for this type of work.

11. The warranty does not apply if the equipment has been repaired/set up/commissioned by unauthorized organizations/persons.

12. The warranty does not apply if the recommendations of the manufacturer, technical norms and rules were violated during installation.

13. The warranty does not apply if the equipment malfunction has been caused by force majeure circumstances (fire, lightning, flooding, natural disasters, etc.).

14. The warranty does not apply if equipment damage has been caused by non-compliance with the state parameter standards for power supply, telecommunications and cable networks, irregular voltage fluctuations and other faults in the power supply lines, which leads to characteristic damage to the power supply circuits, components, terminals, and compressors.

15. The warranty does not apply if the operation conditions outlined in the operation manual have been violated.

16. The warranty does not apply if the manufacturer or vendor warranty labels on the equipment have been damaged.

17. The warranty does not apply if there are traces of tampering or an attempt of unauthorized repair of the equipment.

18. The warranty does not apply if equipment damage has been caused by foreign objects, chemical substances, water, dust, insects, etc. getting inside the equipment.

19.The company is under no circumstances liable for any losses (including, with no exceptions, all cases of loss of profits, business interruption, loss of business information or other monetary losses) associated with the use or inability to use the acquired Equipment (Goods).

20. In case troubleshooting or repair of the equipment is acquired, the buyer (dealer, installer, customer) dismantles and installs the Equipment (Goods) (or a separate unit, piece of equipment), as well as delivers the Equipment (Goods) to the warranty repair service and back (if required) on their own and at their own expense. This applies to small-sized equipment (low-power heat pumps, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc.) or a separate unit/piece of equipment that can be dismantled and transported.


Pre-commissioning Activities And Commissioning

To put the equipment into service, you need to call in a specialist by contacting one of the authorized service centers (hereinafter ASC) or another specialized organization that has the appropriate permissions and a license to perform the requested services.

For such equipment as chillers, heat pumps, and VRF systems, the warranty is valid under the condition that commissioning is carried out by an ASC and there is a filled-in commissioning report.

Commissioning of the equipment is carried out only when the following conditions are met:

- All warranty documents, including a duly filled-in warranty certificate, are available.

- Placement, installation, and connection of the equipment comply with the requirements of the manufacturer and applicable rules and regulations.

- A filled-in ready for commissioning certificate is available

ATTENTION! After the equipment is commissioned, the specialist must brief the user on the rules of safe operation of the equipment.

IMPORTANT! The organization that performed the commissioning assumes warranty commitments to the consumer to the extent prescribed for the manufacturer. The organization that carried out the installation is responsible for the quality and accuracy of the installation work  (in accordance with the project and manufacturer’s instructions) and the quality of the materials used.

This warranty certificate covers all products distributed by ACLIMA TM, except for VTS equipment.


The warranty policy covers free delivery of spare parts to replace broken ones. Replacement works (which includes providing consumables needed to replace a broken spare part) are carried out by an installation contractor or ASC for a fee.

ATTENTION! The equipment requires annual maintenance.


* These conditions are standard and public; they have legal force and were published in Uryadovy Kuryer 177 (6296) of September 21, 2018.

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