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To order a service (commissioning, maintenance, diagnostics, repair, etc.), you need to fill out an application on the site, fill out and send this form. Further, your application will go to work directly to the service department!

First Launch Application

The Aklim service department carries out the first start-up of equipment (heat pumps, multizone systems, chillers, dehumidifiers, precision air conditioners, ventilation units, KKB) installed by our dealers on a free basis. To order this service, you must fill out the application form for the first launch.


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Aclima Service is a special division of Aclima that has been established in order to provide service and warranty cover to dealers and consumers of climate control equipment manufactured by our brands. We perfectly understand that a product is more than just equipment. Without any doubt, the quality of equipment matters, but its stable and long-term functioning is simply impossible without maintenance performed by competent personnel. A good product is half quality and half service. This is the philosophy we follow when selling climate control equipment.

Therefore, we have assembled a team of skilled and qualified service engineers who can perform all tasks set forth by a customer: ensure the quality and correctness of installation, set up and commission the system, perform routine maintenance, diagnostic assessment and repairs if needed. We also provide all kinds of assistance and technical support both to our dealers and to ultimate users of climate control equipment.



Warranty liabilities are a priority for Aclima Service. Our specialists undergo regular training and testing involving all equipment manufactured by the brands that Aclima works with. We have collected an extensive library of technical documentation that helps us solve problems as efficiently as possible. We make sure that we always have a required range of spare parts in our storage for prompt repairs. Customers should keep in mind that warranty can be provided only if all the necessary conditions specified in the warranty certificate are met. To have a service engineer dispatched to a warranty event, you need to fill out a warranty event registration form and attach a fault detection report. We can provide an extended warranty with a longer warranty period if you make use of regular maintenance service by Aclima Service specialists.


Maintenance is a mandatory procedure required for reliable and effective operation of climate control equipment. In addition, regular maintenance is a prerequisite for warranty support. As a rule, maintenance of climate control systems is carried out monthly / quarterly / twice a year / once a year. We recommend that you plan routine maintenance ahead of time by signing a service agreement with Aclima Service. It will ensure that you get timely and high-quality service even during high season.


In case of incorrect operation of climate control equipment, you need to diagnose the system malfunctions. It is the proper diagnosis that determines the quality and efficiency of the forthcoming repairs, if any are required. The diagnostics is carried out by a service engineer directly on site. Our service team is equipped with all necessary tools for conducting a full-fledged malfunction diagnosis. Maintenance of the equipment also involves diagnostics. Diagnostics is a mandatory procedure before any kinds of repairs.

Installation/Start-up and Commissioning

Supervised installation is a helpful and highly demanded service. Our service engineers will provide technical assistance during the installation of climate control equipment. Each stage will be planned together, and the work of installation engineers will be supervised during the entire process and examined once the installation is completed. We will also analyze the installation data sheet beforehand. By requesting supervised installation you minimize the chance of errors caused by unqualified installation personnel or a flawed installation data sheet.

Supervised start-up and commissioning involve complete technical assistance and the presence of a service engineer during the commissioning of the unit and verifying it achieves design performance.

and Commissioning

Equipment commissioning and start-up are an extremely demanding and meticulous process. Correct commissioning requires highly qualified technicians, experience, specialized tools, relevant clearance, technical documentation, and understanding of the specifics of particular equipment. Service engineers employed at Aclima Service efficiently carry out the commissioning of heat pumps, chillers, ventilation units, multi-zone air conditioning systems, precision air conditioners, etc.

Up Protocols and Reports

To request warranty repairs or get warranty on equipment, you will need to fill out a number of mandatory documents, such as a fault detection report, a commissioning report, etc. If you don’t have spare time to fill out the documents, you can have our engineer dispatched to the site to fill out the forms according to the equipment characteristics. This service will save your time, minimize the chance of errors, and relieve you of responsibility for incorrect data.


In case of a climate control equipment malfunction, our service technicians will carry out diagnostics and draw up a quote for repairs and supplies. Repairs are carried out as soon as all nuances are agreed upon. We issue a separate guarantee for the repairs performed by our technicians.


At Aclima Service, we are ready to share our knowledge and experience. At your request, we can conduct a technical seminar, train dealers’ technicians on how to install, commission and maintain various climate control equipment manufactured by the brands we represent. In addition, we will conduct instruction and brief training for the staff on site, providing them with exhaustive information on how the equipment works, how to interpret emergency error messages, what to do in such cases, and how to monitor the system condition.


Not only does Aclima Service render maintenance services, we also have an impressive resource base that enables us to provide spare parts for ventilation, air conditioning, heating and control systems and equipment.

In our spare parts catalog, you can find:

  • Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Sensors and other automation devices
  • Controllers and control boards
  • Three- and two-way valves


We strongly believe that people are the most important resource in service. Therefore, Aclima Service is, first and foremost, a team of highly qualified professionals who live for what they do. For us, complicated tasks are a challenge, not a problem. We always follow through with our commitments, taking into account our customers’ wishes. Our main goal is to get your problems solved smoothly and easily. In order to achieve this, we dedicate much of our time to professional training and practice. Our specialists are regularly trained in the maintenance and repair of complex climate control equipment with which we work.

We realize that a high-quality result is possible only thanks to consolidated and well-organized actions of all departments and each specialist in particular, as well as close cooperation and rapport with the customer.


Here you can download Aclima Service’s standard forms that you will need to record warranty events or request support services.


Aclima is Ukraine’s largest supplier of climate control equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We pride ourselves on offering efficient, up-to-date and cost-effective solutions thanks to our cooperation with world leaders in the industry.


  • MRV systems by Haier;
  • chillers and precision air conditioners by RC Group;
  • humidifiers by DriSteem and MYCOND;
  • dehumidifiers by MYCOND and Trotec;
  • ventilation systems, air handling units by Weger, MYCOND, Casals;
  • industrial fans by Reventon;
  • warm-air heating systems by Apen Group, Goodman;
  • an extremely wide range of heat-exchange equipment by AlfaLaval, CIAT;
  • cooling equipment by MYCOND, Hitecsa, evaporative cooling appliances by Decsa;
  • automation and climate control accessories by Atmic, Microdam, MYCOND.


  • Dealers and distributors of various types of climate control equipment

Working with us, you get exclusive delivery terms at favorable prices. Our goal is to provide Ukrainian consumers with access to high-quality, innovative and reliable equipment from world leaders in the industry.

  • Companies engaged in construction services

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of climate control and ventilation equipment, as well as help you choose the exact equipment that will satisfy your customer. In order to facilitate the process of choosing the required equipment and make it as relevant to your task as possible, many developers are ready to offer their own unique equipment selection software

  • Design contractors and institutions

While working on an unorthodox problem or inventing a new technological solution, design engineers can be sure that any of their ideas will find a tangible embodiment. Our company offers the widest product lines for you to choose from, enabling our customers to make a perfectly accurate selection according to the given parameters. In addition, our partners are ready to develop custom solutions to meet your unique request.

  • Investors and developers

If your business deals with construction and real estate development, value-enhancing investments in high-quality construction materials and equipment are the key to you success. At Aclima, we are ready to offer our partners special terms of business with supplier plants. Our goal is a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership that satisfies all parties involved.


If you are looking for high-quality ventilation equipment or
need advice on selecting an up-to-date climate control system,
if you are considering or already implementing a bold construction project,
Aclima is your best solution!

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